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Monday, 28 March 2016
The Dust Bin is now a proud member of SquakeNet! Visit them at www.squakenet.com :)
Also, looks like we're back to yearly updates. :P

Sunday, 1 March 2015
A minor update to remove some dead sponsors. Sorry for the lack of updates but parenthood and my other projects keep me very busy. :P

Sunday, 19 May 2013
"Covert Action" by Sid Meier was added. A great game you should not miss out.

Thursday, 2 February 2012
Two classic gems were added: "Star Control 2", and "Command & Conquer". Both responsible for countless hours of epic gameplay. Also added were several extra goodies (maps, solution, etc) for some games.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012
A new map on the Spectrum game "Jack The Nipper 2" and a bug free version of "Habilit" (also Spectrum). Now you can finish the game! :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011
A clean up of the "links" page and some updates on the homepage code. Apparently everything was kind of messed up on mozilla browsers. :P
Also some new games may be uploaded soon! :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011
There are new docs on "Jack The Nipper 2" (hints) and "Defender Of The Crown" (the saxon ladies). Plus a true classic has been added to Dust-Bin: "UFO: Enemy Unknown" (also known as XCOM: Ufo Defense). Despiste being a 17 years old game, it's still being sold today! How's that for an old DOS game?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010
This site is now working in a completely different way! Not that anyone would notice but under the hood everything is shiny new, and hopefully more compatible and faster. And to celebrate this here's a real gem from the past: Eye Of The Beholder 2 - The Legend Of Darkmoon.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010
A new game! The oldie but goldie "Ironman Super Off Road".
I also added some of my own tips to Dune. Read them and rule the game!
Plus the games section can now be navigated left and right. Wow. 2010 indeed.

Monday, 11 January 2010
A small update to the game "Livingstone, I presume", thanks to Joseph Najjar, who sent me the keyboard controls and some tips.
Other than that I do have some new (old) games to upload, which might happen soon! :P

Monday, 9 February 2009
Some bugs were corrected and now the site is usable in Firefox! And yes, I also managed to make two updates in two days! Amazing!
New (old) games to be uploaded soon.

Sunday, 8 February 2009
Aha, here is a new update (hopefully not this year's only one) that brings us a great oldie from the past: "Dune". Yep, this is the original Dune, not the sequel from the last update. Check it out cause it really is gripping.
I will try to make some more frequent updates, but a demanding job and two small kids at home have nearly wiped out my hobbies! Tired but happy, though. :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2008
Yep, the new year brought me some free time with it, which I used to finally update this site. There are two new games with improved profile screens (the screen shots are clickable and the 'How to run this' keeps the same font): "Dune2" and "Livingstone, I Presume". And also some new adds to help pay the bills. :)

 Friday, 22 September 2006
Wow, yearly updates. When I first started this site I though about updating daily! But only work and no play makes Pipanni a dull boy (that's me). Anyway, this update only removes the TUOL dead link (farewell my friends) and adds a new one instead: the nice folks at www.download-full-games.com. Go pay them a visit and always play good games. :)

 Friday, 18 November 2005
I've added Laser Squad to the games section. A great game that I still play sometimes.
The link to DosBox now points to the official site. The new version can run Dos4GW games. It rules.

 Sunday, 29 August 2005
Hooraaay! The Dust Bin is finally updated! A year and a half later! The site has already been kicked out from Abandonwarering.com (and who can blame them?) but now we're finally back!
Updates: Xenon2 is now downloadable (again), Winrar and Winzip in the 'Utils' section, more "How-To Run This" text files in some games.
Bug: Under the Firefox browser the text files turn black! Black text on black background. Not very easy to read.
See you around.

 Monday, 19 January 2004
So much for my promise... I was dragged into dinners and concerts all weekend and no time was left for updating the site! (cool weekend though)
I've added a new link for the Amiga and the games will have to wait (just a little bit, I hope).

 Friday, 16 January 2004
Hello. Well well, no updates since October. Fortunately the site keeps getting visitors, thanks everyone. If I could, this site would be as big as "Home Of The Underdogs" but unfortunately my job, my band and my family are extremely time-consuming. Anyway, we reached 19999 visitors today! That calls for a celebration. I'll put some new games in the weekend, I promise.

 Wednesday, 8 October 2003
Hi there. Long time no see. I've changed jobs and I am at last at my dream job: making web pages with a flexible schedule and getting well paid. And now the news (concerning this little site): I've updated the links section and that's about it for now. I had to stop uploading new games every week 'cause the bandwidth & visitors were going through the roof! C U around.

 Thursday, 24 July 2003
Added a great solution to Budokan, a walkthrough for the tournament! Go to Budokan directly, click here!
Also, corrected a bug that would sometimes mess up the right frame. Chiao.

 Tuesday, 8 July 2003
Startkabel Classic Gaming asked me to put a link and so it is done (in the links section). Not much going on.

 Tuesday, 17 June 2003
Brushed up a bit the links section. It's now alphabetized and leaner. Plus added two new links.

 Thursday, 12 June 2003
I'm changing jobs right now so things will get a little bumpy in the near future. Meanwhile, I've added the super-great "Eye Of The Beholder" to the PC games section. Check it out!

 Monday, 26 May 2003
Hi, I had to remove "The Secret Of Monkey Island", it's still being sold at LucasArts. It's a great deal, actually. You get both Monkey Island's 1 & 2 plus the third one! Also, "The Lost Vikings" will probably need removing too, I'm still checking on that.
All is not lost though as I've added the fine "Green Beret" to the Spectrum section.

 Monday, 12 May 2003
Added four more Spectrum games from my top ten list: "Jack The Nipper 2", "Habilit", "Last Ninja 2" and last but not least "Willy Wino's Stag Night". There you have it, 4 great games for the Spectrum! Check them out! (install the emulator first if you haven't already done so, click the Spectrum pic!)

 Tuesday, 6 May 2003
Added the speccy wonder "Emlyn Hughes International Soccer", another one of my top ten ever games for the Spectrum. I still play it from time to time.

 Sunday, 4 May 2003
Added "The Lost Vikings" and the Spectrum game "Target Renegade", one of my favorites speccy games ever! Get them while they're hot!

 Friday, 2 May 2003
Added "Arkanoid" and the shareware version of "Doom". This last one is not abandonware but it is old (1993) and the younger generations should not forget it! Besides, playing Doom with the lights out and the volume turned way up is still scary as ever!
Get Doom
here and Arkanoid here or in the games section. Cheers.

 Tuesday, 29 April 2003
Today the site's redirector (web.pt) failed for the 100th time and in a fit of rage and despair I registered another redirector, http://on.to/DustBin, but you can still use the old one (http://www.dustbin.web.pt), it has less ads, I think.
Also, did a recount for all the docs. That's it. Until next update.

 Sunday, 27 April 2003
Some minor tidying up of the site. Some more "how-to's" in the games section. Added "Alien Syndrome" to the Spectrum section.

 Thursday, 24 April 2003
Uh... It seems that Xenon 2 is still for sale at www.CrucialStore.com, the guys at TUOL told me this. So, I had to remove the game, sorry folks! However, I will be uploading soon the "Eye Of The Beholder" saga. It's no longer for sale at Interplay, so it is now Abandonware!
Also, Home Of The Underdogs now has a pop-up for every game when you pass over the title with your mouse. I wonder who did they get that great idea from? Hmmhmmm... ;)

 Tuesday, 15 April 2003
Added one more game that's not so easy to find, Xenon 2 Megablast! It's no longer in the Oldwarez list at Abandonwarering so here you go!

 Monday, 14 April 2003
Added a link in the utils section to 'VDMSound', a utility that provides sound support for Dos games under Windows. That's all for today, folks.

 Wednesday, 2 April 2003
The Spectrum section is finally up! Only one game for now but the list will grow! Check it out by clicking on the little Spectrum pic.
There's a new section called UTILS on the menu.
I've uploaded instructions on how to run Budokan in Windows (any version).

 Tuesday, 11 March 2003
- Sorry for taking so long since the last update but only work and no play make Pipanni a busy boy (no spare time at all).
Anyway, as promised, I've uploaded the DOS Boot Disk, download it here. But remember, booting with this disk won't make your soundcard work, all it will do is give you a true native DOS environment, but you still have to choose PC Speaker as the sound source.

 Monday, 10 February 2003
- From now on, I'll be adding a little icon to every game/program with the info "How to run this". A small tutorial describing the best system and/or way to run each game or app. Let's start with Arcade Volleyball. (of course I'll do this one at a time, unless someone pays me!)

 Tuesday, 4 February 2003
- Major changes to the site structure in Netscape 6.2, Opera and Mozilla. This was thanks to Mr.Creosote from TUOL who kindly ;) warned me about all the visual bugs. (probably not all solved yet)
- Edited the Indy 3 manual for better layout on the Web: Indy solution

 Thursday, 30 January 2003
- Game added this update: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
- Some more minor structural changes to the site

 Saturday, 25 January 2003
- Game added: Simcity
- Oops, the new design I was talking about is actually for 1024x768 (big monitors). But it did turn out quite nice, I think.
- If you ever find that our URL isn't working, you might want to try pwp.netcabo.pt/0417634801. That is our real url, "www.dustbin.web.pt" is just our pointer. Unfortunately, sometimes it goes down (like right now, it's 12:14 GMT).