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Eye Of The Beholder 1 is just as great as its famous successor. The starting graphics are a bit weak but believe me, from the fourth level up the game makes a big comeback. It's even more adventurous than EOB2 because you don't have to go everywhere to finish it! Oh, and it's got the best weapons in the entire saga! Get them here and then rule EOB2!

EOB1.ZIP  1525kb  26/09/1990   - Download the full game
MAPS.ZIP   197kb  06/10/1990   - All the maps
CODES.TXT     3kb  13/11/1990   - For the copy protection
QUESTS.TXT     5kb  02/01/1991   - All the special quests
SOLUTION.TXT    80kb  08/08/1993   - Game's solution